What does a wedding planner do?


Read the difference between a wedding planner, coordinator and consultant.

Deciding whether or not to hire a wedding planner, coordinator or consultant is a personal choice and when it comes to visualizing your big day, some of us may need a little help along the way. Whether you’re looking for someone to help you plan the whole wedding or someone who is going to give you their honest opinion and tell you if “the invitation is fancier than the dress.” Well, look no further because here at Plan A we can help you find that second perfect person in your life, the one that will be with you for as much or as little of the wedding planning process that you desire.

The Wedding Planner
Does thinking about wedding planning fill you with dread? If so, a wedding planner may be the right person for you. A wedding planner is hired to plan and coordinate the wedding celebration. They are usually involved in the entire wedding process and depending on what you require from them, they can be involved in as little or as much of the planning process as possible. A wedding planner comes equipped with professional and advanced experience in all aspects of wedding planning and is with you throughout the majority of the wedding planning process. In fact, if you really do not like the idea of planning any of it, these 21st century fairy godmothers can plan the whole thing for you! I’ll drink to that.

What does a wedding planner do?
Maybe it’s more a question of what they don’t do, but here is a brief snapshot of duties undertaken by the wedding planner.

✓ Accommodation: Book and organise accommodation for the wedding party and guests.
✓ Budget: Help set, review and remind you of the overall budget and budget constraints should you start to get carried away.
✓ Co-ordinate: guests, caterers, florists, photographer and ensure efficient coordination of all services.
✓ Checklist: prepare checklist for all activities and ensure completion for same.
✓ Discuss: meet with you to discuss style/theme, colours, coordinating decorations, flowers, attire and tastes of the couple.
✓ Guests: prepare the guest list and track RSVPs.
✓ Negotiate: create, review and negotiate vendor contracts. They may also be able to pull in favors to get discounts or freebies.
✓ Oversee: ensure that everything on the day of the wedding goes according to plan and deals with any last-minute emergencies, no-shows, unruly guests...
✓ Payments: collect payments from the bride and bridegroom and make payments to appropriate vendors.
✓ Plan: Event layout, floor plans, menus, seating charts and other wedding-related activities such as the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch and the honeymoon.
✓ Timeline: Plan your wedding day timeline in detail so you know exactly how the day will unfold.
✓ Travel: Arrange transport for guests, various supplies and equipment for the wedding venue.
✓ Venue: recommend, accompany you on visits and help you find and secure the perfect venue for the ceremony and reception.
✓ Vendors: recommend and book vendors, such as caterers, florists, musicians and discuss wedding day details and ensure they fulfil any contractual obligations.

In the long run hiring a wedding planner might be the most cost-effective move, especially if you want to make the entire wedding process seamless and easy.

Wedding Coordinator
Do you want an active role in planning your wedding but need someone to take care of last minute details? Then maybe, a wedding coordinator could be the perfect wingman. Wedding coordinators and wedding planners are two titles that often refer to the same job. Both assist prospective brides and grooms in planning and implementing weddings but it is the coordinator's job to be available for the bride and groom to make all aspects of the day worry free. Wedding coordinators offer different levels of service and if you do not require assistance before or after the wedding day, you may want to consider hiring a wedding coordinator.

What does a wedding coordinator do?
A wedding coordinator carries out many of the same duties as the wedding planner, however when it comes to the actual day of the wedding they also complete the following:

✓ Acceptance: ensure the decorators work has been carried out accordingly.
✓ Assisting: the bride, the wedding party with dressing, photo schedules.
✓ Checking: details such as head count, place settings, placement of favours, floor plans, lighting levels, cake placement etc
✓ Co-ordinate: guests, caterers, florists, photographer and ensure efficient coordination of all services.
✓ Conducting: the wedding rehearsal.
✓ Collection: of gifts and personal items
✓ Logistics: From the arrival times of the vendors, transportation pickup and drop offs to
✓ Point of Contact: meeting and welcoming guests, vendors or providers and answering any questions.
✓ Removal: packing all your gifts and goodies at the end of the night, and ensuring things are returned to the vendors.
✓ Timing: They make sure the tables are set on time, the guests are seated in the right spot, the ceremony starts and ends on time.

So, if you’ve already planned the majority of your wedding day and now you want to ensure that everything you've done is in order and nothing is forgotten, a wedding coordinator is a sensible choice to allow you to be free to relax and fully enjoy your wedding day without worry!

Wedding Consultant
Have you been planning your wedding since you were little and have so many ideas you’re looking for someone professional to bounce ideas off? Then this may be a job for a wedding consultant. Wedding consultants cover a wide range of activities; however, some may specialise in one specific area such as setting up gift registries at retail stores, helping with the selection of wedding flowers or most importantly, a gown. Some consultants have little to do with the planning of the wedding itself.

What does a wedding consultant do?
A wedding consultant can specialise in one particular area of the wedding process and below is a list of some areas they can narrow their focus on:

✓ Answering: basic questions about wedding etiquette, attire or bouquet.
✓ Assisting: in attire selection for brides, grooms, and attendants.
✓ Planning: photography, videography, flower arrangements.
✓ Selling: goods and services that they suggest to the bride and groom.

A wedding consultant will work with you to handle as much or as little of your wedding as you wish. If you only need advice to give you a kick start with the wedding planning process, a consultant may be the ideal person set you on the path to planning the day of your dreams.

I read it, I like it. I want one, how do I get one?
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