The importance of wedding planner


Why the organization of your wedding is so important? Read about it here

You’re planning your wedding and you feel like you’re getting nowhere. The To-Do-List is now three pages long and nothing seems like it’s being ticked off. Suddenly you have this overwhelming feeling of anxiety and stress that the thought of running away and eloping is becoming more and more desirable. But before you buy that ticket to a far away place for you and your beloved, have you actually thought about how much of the pressure can be alleviated with the help of a wedding planner? 

Yes, that’s right. A wedding planner. And I’m not talking about sitting down and watching the 2001 romantic comedy of a similar title. Wedding planners are an asset to any wedding and before you start thinking, “I can’t afford one” let us explain to you why they can be an incredibly cost effective way of getting you the wedding of your dreams, without going over budget.

Enjoy being engaged and let the wedding planner do it for you.

We all know wedding planning can take up a great deal of free time. If you and your partner are both working full-time jobs and have social commitments, you might already feel like you don't have any spare time and don’t want edding planning to consume your life until the moment you say “I do”. A wedding planner will schedule appointments, speak with vendors, and ensure that all those itty-bitty details are taken care of. For a flat fee you can be guaranteed that you will not need to worry about dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s on those contracts with vendors, they’ll do it for you. With experience in meeting many happy couples, they are experts in quickly identifying what it is you want, probably before you even know it yourself. They are there to bring you peace of mind and help keep your stress levels low so you can enjoy your engagement period. By hiring a wedding planner to take on this daunting task, the creativity and dedication of the wedding planner bring you the perfect day.


Are you someone that spends frivolously and isn't very disciplined with money? Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t want to start their married life with wedding debt? Or maybe you’re so meticulous with your spending that you know hiring a wedding planner could bring you some extra savings? Whatever your reason, a wedding planner will be able to advise on the best possible ways to stay within budget. They will be able to tell you what you need, and what you don’t need. They will also remind you of any budget constraints, should you feel yourself getting carried away. They may also be able to secure some discounts or freebies due to their extensive insider knowledge of the wedding industry and reputability with vendors and suppliers alike.

Things do go wrong: No matter how much you think you have everything under control, there is always the possibility of a little wedding day curveball. What would you do in the event of a no show decorator, the baker calling to say they’ve accidentally made your gluten free cake glutinous or a caterer who has no record of an order? Do you want to spend your wedding day trying to fix these problems? No, I thought not. By hiring a wedding planner they will be the first person on the scene should anything go awry, they will take command of the venue and vendors. They will coordinate the logistics, and ensure that everything runs smoothly. A good wedding planner will take care of everyone, not just the immediate wedding party. It’s their M.O to make sure that everyone leaves with smiles bigger than the Cheshire Cat when they get back home. Hiring a wedding planner means that you will not need to worry about anything and can focus on enjoying your special day with loved ones.

Amateur and illegitimate wedding planners

Hiring a wedding planner is one cost you want to ensure brings you the best value for money. It truly is a worthy purchase because an experienced planner can help save you time and money. But what happens if the planner is inexperienced and has lied about their credentials. What if they fail to secure you the correct marriage license, or worse, what if they’re con artists disguised as wedding planners/coordinators, working without insurance, pushing you to pay up front and then running off with your money. Or worst of all, they don’t show up to your wedding day, leave the suppliers unpaid, and you discover that there is no reception after all!

OK, we may be laying it on thick but believe us when we say, it does happen and we would never want anyone to experience that. So to ensure you get the right planner, it does require additional research to make sure you choose the right one for you but what if you’re already lacking in free time due to work and social commitments? In haste, you could end up making a decision that will turn the wedding of your dreams into a nightmare. That is why we at Plan A can guarantee that our wedding planners are some of the most highly dedicated and experienced planners Spain can offer. So avoid the additional stress and worry of choosing the wrong planner, and put your trust in Plan A to offer you a selection of the best wedding planners money can buy.

How can Plan A help?
Here at Plan A we have a variety of different services and packages we can offer you. We have worked with small budgets and large and everyone has been an absolute pleasure. We are always willing to put you in contact with one of our highly experienced professionals who will sit down with you to assess your needs and show you how easy it can be to design the wedding of your dreams that will fit perfectly into your budget.